Holy War E​.​P. [Remaster]

by Coph Nia

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    2011 remaster of the follow up EP on Cold Meat Industry in 2001.
    All tracks are free to download. But purchase includes 4 bonus tracks: 2 being the ones on the "secret" 93 copies. Plus a very early untitled tribal track, which later became Holy War [pt. 3]. And Holy War [Easy Listening Version], made in a moment of disillusion... Performed live once and then buried.
    Also a live video of 'Holy War' in high quality. As well as full artwork in PDF format and my own comments about the album and each of the tracks.

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Orginal release info:

Coph Nia returns with a Big Bang – hoisting the Banner of Liberation!

Where the debut album ’That which Remains’ was somewhat solemn and introspective, ”Holy War EP” is more ’in your face’. Like its predecessor it varies a great deal in styles, but this time it more aggressive and sexual in nature.

The cat. No. 93 is not a coincidence; In fact one of the first things Aldenon did after getting signed to CMI was to seize CMI.93 for numerological reasons; 93 being the central number in the Crowleyan mythos that is the main focus of Coph Nia.

Quoting Aldenon’s own comment on the title track ’Holy War pt. 1’: ”The idea of Shame and Sin that has been hampering humanity for the last 2000 years must be rooted out permanently. This is the war-chant for the battle.”

A 4 track MCD guaranteed to take you for a ride; this is the sacred warfare of Coph Nia.

Deluxe digipak with gold foil printing, limited to 3000 copies.
There are 93 random copies scattered about which includes 2 bonus tracks.
(No preorders and no indication on the covers)


released July 20, 2001



all rights reserved


Coph Nia Sweden

“I am the Lord of the Double Wand of Power; the wand of the Force of Coph Nia—but my left hand is empty, for I have crushed an Universe; & nought remains.” (AL III:72)


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